Olatz Ovejero, Clara López, Aurora Báez, Sebastián Ramírez Festival, MemoriReus

In Spite of Ourselves (A cambio de tu vida)

An explosion in one of the most important chemical plants in Europe, the Petrochemical complex in Tarragona, triggers the labour struggle of a group of workers who demand what is fair for everyone.

In the research for the film and …

Júlia Kühne Escolà 2021 edition, Festival, MemoriReus


In 1938, my Catalan grandfather was drafted into Spanish civil war. For one year, he experienced the battle between Republicans and Nationalists at first hand. The war lead him from his small Catalan village all over Spain. After arrest, he …

Agnès Olivé Benet Festival, MemoriReus

Toubab, confiesan que he vivido

The story of the musician from Reus that has travelled centenary of cities, prisons, and streets from all over the world sharing his passion and love for rock. From the archive footage and the artists that have shared life by …

Nando Caballero 2020 edition, Festival, Memorimage Online, MemoriReus

Los Glosters

This film is a concert and a documentary, a thirty-year musical and vital review of a mythical band from Tarragona (and of the Sixties scene in Spain), which began under the name of Pirats in the late eighties. Taking advantage …

Jesus María Palacios 2019 editon, MemoriReus


Labo is a walk through the memory of the Francisco Franco Labor University of Tarragona, not only through its buildings but also through the memories of those who inhabited it. A trip to our past that will make us better …

Elisenda Trilla Ferré 2019 editon, MemoriReus

La Vall del Francolí, l’alè del Camp

What is hidden behind the petrochemical industry? A portrait of the concern of the habitants of Camp de Tarragona for the health and environment of the area that has undergone major changes since the introduction of this industry.

We made …

Marc Petitpierre and Josep Padró MemoriReus

Gaudí, God’s architect

Gaudí, God’s architect, is a story of faith, of overcoming, about five lay that decided to create an assossiation to demonstrate that Gaudí deserves one of most valuable titles of the Church: beatification.
The Pro-Beatification Association of Antoni Gaudí has …

Marga Almirall 2019 editon, MemoriReus

Elena Universo

 Elena Universo is the story of Elena Rull Mur, a woman who wanted to paint but who got married; that did not fit in what was expected of her but not in what she wanted to be.

Built from the …