Jesus María Palacios 2019 editon, MemoriReus


Labo is a walk through the memory of the Francisco Franco Labor University of Tarragona, not only through its buildings but also through the memories of those who inhabited it. A trip to our past that will make us better …

Elisenda Trilla Ferré 2019 editon, MemoriReus

La Vall del Francolí, l’alè del Camp

What is hidden behind the petrochemical industry? A portrait of the concern of the habitants of Camp de Tarragona for the health and environment of the area that has undergone major changes since the introduction of this industry.

We made …

Marc Petitpierre and Josep Padró MemoriReus

Gaudí, God’s architect

Gaudí, God’s architect, is a story of faith, of overcoming, about five lay that decided to create an assossiation to demonstrate that Gaudí deserves one of most valuable titles of the Church: beatification.
The Pro-Beatification Association of Antoni Gaudí has …

Marga Almirall 2019 editon, MemoriReus

Elena Universo

 Elena Universo is the story of Elena Rull Mur, a woman who wanted to paint but who got married; that did not fit in what was expected of her but not in what she wanted to be.

Built from the …

Rudy Jordán, Sofia Cabanes and Jesús Labandeira 2018 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Nueve días sin Fidel

El 25 de novembre de 2016 mor a l’Havana el líder històric de la Revolució Cubana, Fidel Castro Ruz, als 90 anys. La data marca l’inici de 9 dies de dol oficial durant els quals l’agitada vida cubana queda privada …

David Fernander y Víctor Rubio 2018 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Una vida fent fira

If turning 75 is exciting for a person, for an institution like firaReus it is a tremendous pride. Fira de Reus is a clear example of the entrepreneurial and commercial character of the village and their fellow citizens. The documentary, …

Llúcia Oliva 2018 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Hereus d’un Cardenal Proscrit

When the end of the 1936-39 war, General Franco prevented the Cardinal-Archbishop of Tarragona, Francesc Vidal and Barraquer from returning from exile. This absence planned on the diocese during the Franco regime and opened its eyes to some lay priests …

Mario Pons Múria 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

El periple

Miquel, senior veteran executive is fired from the multinational where he works, he needs a change in his life. Alfred’s family is forced to leave their house, the world’s highest lighthouse is set afire during the civil war, the road …

Maria Roig Alsina 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Baix a Mar

The passage of time was captured in some films kept for decades in the attics of the district of Baix a Mar, Torredembarra. A tenderly recall through the memory recorded by the Tizón family of Barcelona and safeguarded by the …

Santi Suárez Baldrís 2016 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Teaching Freedom

In 1965 a group of teachers from Reus joined together to create a new school. The project diverged dangerously from the Catholic Church’s model supported by Franco’s dictatorship. Mowgli’s School was a great pedagogical, political and cultural challenge.
The tenacity …