Guaranteed basic income, yes or no? A surprising and thoughtful film about an extreme idea, that is once again at the top of the social agenda.

Would you work if you were paid simply for existing? The suggestion of guaranteed basic income returns to the public debate as an alternative to the rights and duties principle and to a bureaucratic economic system. The idea that those over 21 years old should have a fixed monthly allowance, regardless of whether they are working or not, divides opinions. However, it does not do it in the line of traditional political dichotomies.

The neoconservative economists, the ultraliberal and the socialist groups are all in favor, while all other political parties oppose. Politics and economics enter psychological and philosophical matters about the human nature. Will universal basic income make people lazy? Or will it free them? And what about robots, who in a near future, will make most jobs redundant?

Career diplomat; considered the first Egyptologist of the Spanish state and the discoverer of Alguerés; indefatigable traveler in the footsteps of Ali Bei; one of the greatest bibliophiles in the history of Catalonia; promoter of Chinese culture, and businessman in London.



  • Official Selection, CPH:DOX* – Dinamarca, 2016
  • Diagonale, Festivale of Austrian Film – Austria, 2017

After the projection, a colloquium with experts will Doctor Juan Antonio Duro Moreno, expert in economics.