Concha Baquero, Alejandro Alvarado 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


In 2016, two filmmakers visit the Spanish Film Library to look for a censored documentary from the early 1980s. There they find 260 rolls of negatives, which had been left out of the final version. The forgotten images of a …

Miquel Martí Freixas 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


A collection of revolutionary songs that are being watched on YouTube, transformed in other pieces, help us to talk about censorship in different countries.

Coraci Ruiz 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


Threshold is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her adolescent son, addressing the conflicts, certainties, and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity. At the same time, the mother, …

Joan Tisminetzky 2022 edition, Festival, Opening and Closing


Tomàs Pladevall is an admired cinematographer, a master of light who seeks to put together his personal archive in order to transfer it to the Filmoteca of Catalonia, where he trusts it will be preserved. But the first of his …

Pedro de Echave, Felip Solé 2022 edition, Festival, Opening and Closing

Urraca. Hunter of the Red

Pedro Urraca Rendueles, nicknamed “hunter of the red”, was a Francoist policeman, agent E-8001 of the Gestapo and collaborator of the Vichy Regime. He was one of the figures who led the persecution and harassment of numerous exiled Spanish Republicans …

Laia Rutman Puche, Kilian Saldaña i González 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriReus


Alésh is the intimate portrait of Aleix Canton, a young transgender man diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Alesh has become a public figure through his Tik Tok profile, where he breaks taboos and shares his experience of living with …

Casa d’Oficis de creació i producció audiovisual de Mas Carandell 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Les dones i els dies (d’avui)

On June 2, 2022, Les dones i els dies (d’avui), a play by the stage director Iban Beltrán, with the participation of the students of the Institut Gabriel Ferrater from Reus, was presented in the framework of the Paradigms cycle …

Emanuel Munteanu, Laura Vargas-Machuca 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Roots of the sea

Past, present and future of fishing come together to tell the story of one of the oldest professions in our society. Its purpose is none other than to draw attention to the trades and tasks related to the sea that …

Mario Pons Múria 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

The Mirror

A Romantic Comedy based on the drama of the Spanish Republican exile.

Growing up in a community of Spanish Republican emigrants, Hilaire is part of the generation of young people in the working-class neighbourhoods of Narbonne in the 1960s. He …