Jacques Tatí Festival, MemoriXics

Mon oncle

Jacques Tatí turns to incarnate Monsieur Hulot is a kind and extravagant man who lives in a humble neighborhood. She often visits her sister’s house: an ultramodern mansion where everything is automated. The brother-in-law of Mr. Hulot does not approve of the close relationship between him and his son Gerald.

12 June, 2019 Festival

Memorimage 2019, from November 6th to 9th.

This year sees the 14th edition of the Reus International Film Festival, an international competitive festival focused on films that incorporate moving images. The festival is committed to the importance of the […]

12 December, 2018 Festival

Thank you very much and until next year!

The Memorimage Festival has finished this Saturday’s edition of 2018 with an increase of about 20% more viewers and with the will to integrate the films made with digital files in a […]

Blake Edwards 2018 edition, Festival, MemoriXics

El Regreso de la Pantera Rosa

The valuable diamond known as “Pink Panter” has been stolen and only one clue has been found in the crime scene: a white glove of the known thief “The Gost”. The inspector of the case, Inspector Coloseau, points to him as the main suspicious, despite he is already retired.

Rudy Jordán, Sofia Cabanes and Jesús Labandeira 2018 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Nueve días sin Fidel

El 25 de novembre de 2016 mor a l’Havana el líder històric de la Revolució Cubana, Fidel Castro Ruz, als 90 anys. La data marca l’inici de 9 dies de dol oficial durant els quals l’agitada vida cubana queda privada de música i alcohol.