12 November, 2015 Festival

The tenth edition of Memorimage, International cinema festival of Reus, delivered the Memorimage Awards 2015 on Saturday the 7th of November at the Bartrina Theater.


Joana Biarnés, una entre tots, directed by Òscar Moreno and Jordi Rovira, became the big winner of Memorimage 2015 by receiving 3 of the 5 awards given at the festival.

The judges of Memorimage 2015, Marc Cubells, Toni Orensanz and Francesc Torres, decided by unanimity to give the Ciutat de Reus award to Joana Biarnés, una entre tots for “being a great story that captivates you from beginning to end and that reveals an unknown truth of great interest. The film is a platform that projects ideals of equality, hard work and endurance, with it all being a lesson of humbleness. Also for its narrative tension, graphic design, postproduction and general good work”.

The film also received the MemoriJove award, given through popular voting by the students who assisted the morning screenings, and also the People’s choice award.

The MemoriReus-Rabassa award, with a 300€ cash prize and sponsored by Rabassa Arts Gràfiques, given by the assisting viewers who voted, was for Els que es quedaren from director Vanessa Batista. The story of the Catalan emigration to Cuba through a journey to the island. A thoughtful film of identity, home ties and emigration.

The Cinema Rescat award, was given to Felix Moeller for her extensive investigation and research on the film Forbidden Films from director Felix Moeller. Jan Baca, Raül Contel and Encarnació Soler, the judging committee from the Cinema Rescat Association, decided to give her the award by unanimity for considering the investigation a duty to historic memory, a portrayal of the work of the film libraries, whom no matter the subject, keep their sense of responsibility. In the case of the nazi films, with very upsetting content, this becomes more admirable.

In the closing of the festival, presented by the festival’s artistic director Daniel Jairod, the projection of the documentary Del Carro al Twitter, from director Noemí Cuní Sans, took place. The film portrays different witnesses that talk about the evolution of the Catalan rural society from the 50s all the way to the present. The documentary is inspired by the novel La marinada sempre arriba from the journalist Lluís Foix, who was also present at the ceremony.

Daniel Jairod underlined, in a statement previous to the closing: “I couldn’t have had a better response from the public in my first Memorimage. They trusted us and they enjoyed what we had to offer. I am very grateful and satisfied”.

The screenings that took place for the different high schools (Reus, Tarragona, Amposta, Espluga del Francolí and Mont-roig del Camp) assembled 890 students, a record of assistance.

During this edition we celebrated 10 years of Memorimage with a cake for all the attendees to the inauguration ceremony, who filled the theatre thanks to the success of the inaugural film Joana Biarnés, una entre tots,which included a post-movie speech with the film’s protagonist and the film’s production team.

This edition of Memorimage has reached 1.986 viewers with an average of 115 viewers per screening.
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