This a film narrates Luixy Toledo’s fight against Michael Jackson about the authorship of the best-selling song of all time:”Thriller”. But it also dicovers how Luixy could have saved Michael’s life twice.

The story of Luixy Toledo is the struggle of an misunderstood artist looking for recognition. A man who is able to fight for his dreams, travel to the United States from Spain and meet with the Lawyers of the King of Pop or contact Michael Jackson’s mother in his attempt to save his son’s life, in a story full of deceptions, lies, disappointments and great surprises.

And the most unique moment… the account of his memory of an earlier life in the Xth century and in the stars beyond earth.

This documentary is a tribute to dreamers. These words by Luixy sum up the conclusion of the film: “The important thing is to sleep with a calm conscience.”