Concha Baquero, Alejandro Alvarado 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


In 2016, two filmmakers visit the Spanish Film Library to look for a censored documentary from the early 1980s. There they find 260 rolls of negatives, which had been left out of the final version. The forgotten images of a …

Miquel Martí Freixas 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


A collection of revolutionary songs that are being watched on YouTube, transformed in other pieces, help us to talk about censorship in different countries.

Coraci Ruiz 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


Threshold is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her adolescent son, addressing the conflicts, certainties, and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity. At the same time, the mother, …

Sílvia Subirós 2022 edition, Festival, MemoriJove, Oficial Section

Men’s Cooking

Filmmaker Sílvia Subirós gives an alternative account of the history of cookery and women’s anonymity within it. Sílvia’s grandfather, Josep Mercader, founded El Motel in Figueres 60 years ago. This emblematic restaurant played a key role in the introduction of …

Samaher Alqadi 2021 edition, Festival, MemoriJove

As I want

The feminist movement in Egypt is gaining more strength than ever. Increasing numbers of women are daring to raise their voices against sexual harassment, but this outpouring of courage comes from far back.

The Arab Spring brought hope of freedom …

Amets Arzallus, Marc Parramon 2021 edition, Festival, MemoriJove, Oficial Section

Altsasu (Gau Hura)

The documentary begins in 2018 with 100 days to go before the trial and three of the eight young defendants have already spent a year and a half in pre-trial detention. The film captures the physical and emotional transformation of …

Tània Balló, Manuel Jimenez and Serrana Torres 2021 edition, Festival, MemoriJove


LAS SINSOMBRERO 3 – EXILIADAS, follows those artists and intellectuals who, once the civil war ended, had to exile to different countries. Through their biographies, we’ll analyse the impact that they supposed, particularly on their authorship, the banishment. Exile seen …

Emiliano Cano Díaz 2021 edition, Festival, MemoriJove

Fortuny. La Mort del pintor

The painter Marià Fortuny (1838–1874), at the peak of his career, spends a happy and creative summer with his family in the Bay of Naples. However, upon returning to Rome, happiness turns into weariness, and he dies suddenly, which gives …

Laura Hojman Festival, MemoriJove

Antonio Machado. Los días azules

Documentary feature film that recovers the memory and work of Antonio Machado, on the 80th anniversary of his death. The poet’s life as a symbol of the Spain that was lost: a hymn to the importance of culture for life, …