As a child I had an idol, my Aunt Adriana. In 2007, they took her prisoner and I learned that in her youth she worked for dictator Augusto Pinochet’s secret police. In 2011, she fled the country while facing a lawsuit accused of kidnapping and murder. Currently, my aunt is living a nightmare: in Australia, Chilean residents march against her, asking for her extradition.

The case has become mediatic, I did not realize how much involved I got in her terrible past and now I am part of her delirious present. Both of us will travel through this intimate account of confrontations and confessions, where dark secrets will come to light. I have a privileged access to the perpetrators of the Chilean military dictatorship and I am ready to get to the last consequences to be cognizant of the truth and to know who my Aunt Adriana really is.

ATTENTION! Due to strike called next Wednesday, the Opening Ceremony of Memorimage changes dates. It will be Tuesday November 7th at 10pm at Bartrina Theater

Awards and festivals

  • Award of the peace – Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama Section
  • Special Jury award – Guadalajara International Film Festival, Documentary Ibero-American Feature Film
  •  SIGNIS  award– Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, Documentary competition
  • First prize – International Cinematographic Festival of Uruguay FCIU, Human Rights Film Competition
  • Special mention – Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival BAFICI, Human Rights Film Competition
  • First Mention Jury’s Young Prime Opera– International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires

We will count with the presence of Benjamin Band, executive producer of the film.