17 June, 2020 Festival

Memorimage, International Film Festival of Reus is a Festival targeting films that use archival moving images. The 15th edition of Memorimage will be celebrated from the 4th to the 7th of November 2020. All the films entering the competition must include audiovisual archival images (moving images, static photographs and sound archives). Archival images shall be understood as images from any period that reflect past situations, places, events, people, etc. that could not be shot again. Images that were originally recorded with no intention of being used in any specific film or television programme.

All films selected must be Spanish premieres (with the exception of the Section MemoriReus), and preference will be given to films that have not been screened at any film festivals in Spain.
*Nevertheless, Memorimage reserves the right to schedule films that have been screened in Spain.

Memorimage has entrusted programmers with the selection of the films. The programmers will be elected by the Festival’s organization through an open call of films.

Check the rules and submit your film here.