In the year of the cultural capital, Memorimage wants to highlight the value of the audiovisual heritage by selecting 4 audiovisual pieces for the Closing Ceremony of Memorimage 2017. One of the shorts is a world premiere. During this ceremony, we will also be able to meet the winners of Memorimage 2017’s Awards.

ATTENTION! Memorimage closing ceremony will start one hour later. The new date is: Saturday 11th of November 10pm at Teatre Bartrina.


CIMIR’S JEWELS: Events from 1931
Unknown author
1931 / Catalonia / 18min

The CIMIR gets back the graphic memory of the city and the country and this year presents a set of interesting moments in the Barcelona of 1931 during the Republic. Among them, we can see how the people came to the dock to receive the officers who arrived from Castell de la Mola, where they were exiled, due to the revolt of Jaca. The death of Santiago Rusiñol. The Flags Festival of July 5th. The arrival of General López Ochoa or the arrival of the great ship “Columbus” to the port, among others. The recovery of the images has been possible thanks to the selfless donation of Reus Jordi Vall Ciré, who will be assisting to the ceremony.


La Perle de la méditerrannée: Barcelone
Unknown author / 1913 / Catalonia / 6min
Produced by Sociedad de Atracción de Forasteros to promote tourism in the city
Barcelone, principale ville de la Catalogne
Segundo de Chomón / 1912 / Catalonia / 3min
Produced by Ibérico Films, distributed by Pathé

Daily images from the city of Barcelona: the port, Columbus Monument, Plaça Catalunya, the Rabassada’s Casino…


Praga, 21 de agosto
Josep Maria Garcia-Planas Vilarrúbia / 1968 / Cataluña / 15min

The discovery of the only color-shot images of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 that ended the opening regime of Dubcek and caused the first fissure with the Steel Heel. It was shot with a Bolex camera by Catalan industrialist Josep Maria Garcia-Planas Vilarrúbia, who happened to be in Prague on business. During the ceremony, we will be able to meet his son and donor of the archives Plàcid Garcia-Planas Marcet.


* The Memorimage 2017 Awards delivery will take place during the Closing ceremony.