Fernando Gallego is a DJ, but not a common DJ: He is Nando Dixkontrol.
To most people he is an anonymous character, but, there was a time where he was the epicenter of a resounding earthquake, a nocturn idol.
Parties were always prolonged if he was there: he was “the party”. His figure concentrated the essence of a young generation which revendicated the weekends as a ludic moment, a place where they could express themselves far from their daily life. How? Dancing. Dancing all night long.
Today, thirty years after the sublimation of DJ’s as the protagonists of the parties, the DJs are still figuring in mass. But Nando Dixkontrol is no longer a claim and Fernando Gallego refuse to appear.
From the clamor of the success to the abyss of oblivion; dance or die, there is no other way.

This premiere will feature the film directors Alex Salgado del Tarré and Jorge Rodríguez.

Awards and festivals

  • In-Edit Barcelona, Best Documentary and Public Award, 2017.
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires, Oficial Section, 2018.
  • In-Edit Chile, Oficial Section, 2018.