Seals are one of the main symbols of activism for animal rights. Unfortunately, they are also the staple food and one of the foundations of Inuits economics, the indigenous culture that inhabits the northern tundra of Canada, Alaska and Greenland. The ancient tradition of hunting seals is not only necessary for their feeding and economy, but it also has a central   role in the social field and the Inuit identity.

The rowdy fight of the main environmental organizations to eradicate the killing of seals in the world has sown a shadow of darkness in the way of life of this community, that due to its silent nature, has never had a voice in the public debate.

With this documentary, the Inuit director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, finally gives to her people the chance to defend themselves from the culture prejudices that involve their lifestyle and face the international environmental groups that have never wanted to listen them first hand.

Awards and Festivals

  • Audience Award – Hot Docs. Canadá, 2016
  • Canada’s Top Ten People’s Choice Award – TIFF Toronto International Film Festival. Canadá, 2016.
  • Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival – Germany, 2017.
  • Official Selection Panorama – DocsBarcelona, 2017.

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After the projection, a colloquium with Doctor Susana Borràs Pentinat, expert in Environmental Law, will be held.