12 December, 2018 Festival

The Memorimage Festival has finished this Saturday’s edition of 2018 with an increase of about 20% more viewers and with the will to integrate the films made with digital files in a stable way for the future. In this edition, a total of five prizes have been awarded to the different participating films. The City of Reus award, presented by Carles Pellicer, was for the documentary “Ciudadano Fernando Gallego: Baila o Muere” by directors Alex Salgado and Jorge Rodríguez.

The Audience Award went to the documentary that gave the kick-off to this year’s edition, “Andrea Motis, la trompeta silenciosa“, by Ramon Tort. The Cinema · Rescat award went to the Brazilian documentary “No intenso Agora” by Joao Moreira Salles. The Memori Reus award was awarded to “Hereus d’un cardenal proscrit” a documentary by Llúcia Oliva. And finally the MemoriJove Award was for the documentary “Out” by Denis Parrot.

This documentary that caused a very good impression among the public of the MemoriJove, also closed this XIII edition. During the event we had the presence of director Denis Parrot who came from France for the occasion.

Daniel Jariod, Artistic Director of the festival, highlighted in the closing ceremony that “The Memorimage maintains its consolidation and increases by 17% the number of spectators, at the same time gives the oportunity to integrate films made with digital files in a stable way”, as was the case of the documentary “Out” that is created exclusively with digital material taken from social networks.

The XIII edition of Memorimage 2018, has been an edition full of emotions, reflections and lots of music. At the opening, where the documentary “Andrea Motis, la trompeta silenciosa” was screened and later there was a musical performance by the trumpeter and Joan Chamorro.

The MemoriJove projections were attended by about 2,000 students from different institutes and a total of six experts who came to talk about the themes of the films.

At the same time, the Professional Session, which was organized for the second year in a row, was a resounding success with more than 20 participants during the Master Class of Ben Gren, the file exploitation consultant who was coming to the Spanish state for the first time to hold a Master Class.