In 1941, Chilean journalist Carlos Barry Silva is invited to a big tour in Japan with five more journalists.

The events of the 7th of December of that same year –  the declaration of war from the USA to Japan due to the bombing of Pearl Harbour – forced them to go back to Tokyo, where they remained trapped. This situation makes them stay indefinitely in a hotel, becoming war stringers. At the same time, they will try to find a way back home.

This chapter will mark Carlos and his daughter’s life, the producer of the documentary.


Awards and Festivals

  • Best International Documentary BioBio Cine 2016
  • Best Iberoamerican Film FemCine 2016
  • Jury’s Special Award FECIR 2016
  • Best Film and Best Chilean Film FICValdivia
  • CineChile
  • Antafodoc
  • Premios Platino