12 November, 2017 2017 edition, Awards, Festival

Memorimage 2017 Awards

Adriana’s pact wins the Reus City Award


  • “Spies on the sand. Target: Spain” has been awarded with the Audience Award
  • The Cinema·Rescat Award to the best archival research is for “Baix a Mar. Summers in Torredembarra from the 20’s
Francesc Escribano 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriJove

La Víctor


Actress Míriam Iscla receives the task of interpreting the role of Víctor Català, of whom she knows only that was a woman …

Mario Pons Múria 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

El periple

Miquel, senior veteran executive is fired from the multinational where he works, he needs a change in his life. Alfred’s family is forced to leave their house, the world’s highest lighthouse is set afire during the civil war, the road …

Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack 2017 edition, Festival, Special Sessions

King Kong

Cinema director Carl Denham finds the ideal girl for his next movie, Ann Darrow, to play the role of lady in distress.

Denham’s goal is to travel to Teschio, a mysterious island in the east of Sumatra, which does not …

Pablo Azorín Williams and Marta Hierro 2017 edition, Festival, Oficial Section

Spies on the Sand. Target: Spain

The unpublished story of a group of exiled republicans serving the United States Army in Spain during WWII.

Organized around the Banana and Apricot Operations, these agents disembarked in the shores of Málaga as spies to prevent Spain from a …

Christian Tod 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriJove

Free Lunch Society

Guaranteed basic income, yes or no? A surprising and thoughtful film about an extreme idea, that is once again at the top of the social agenda.

Would you work if you were paid simply for existing? The suggestion of guaranteed …

Maria Roig Alsina 2017 edition, Festival, MemoriReus

Baix a Mar

The passage of time was captured in some films kept for decades in the attics of the district of Baix a Mar, Torredembarra. A tenderly recall through the memory recorded by the Tizón family of Barcelona and safeguarded by the …

Kevin Ford, Smriti Keshari, Eric Schlosser 2017 edition, Festival, Special Sessions

The Bomb

A shocking aesthetic and experimental film that takes the audience into the strange, persuasive and disturbing reality of nuclear weapons, the most dangerous machines ever built.

Crossing the boundaries of art, politics and technology, The Bomb sets the spectator in …