2018 edition, Festival

J U R Y   M E M O R I M A G E   2 0 1 8


RAMON MASIP Director, DOP and founder of the company Videoproducciones MAB’S. Ramon has participated in several projects: he is a member of the TEDxReus, professor at the art school, he has created the cooking tv program “Tàpias a la carta” and he is one of the founding partners of Canal Reus TV. One of his last projects has been to co-direct the documentary “Les 7 vides d’Eduard Toda”.


BELÉN SÁNCHEZ Producer, partner of Un Capricho de Producciones and associate producer at Polar Star Films. Belen has a solid background in the field of production and social sciences. She has worked in fiction titles such as ‘Los últimos días’ (2013, Àlex i David Pastor), winner of 8 Gaudí awards; or ‘With the Wind’ (2018, Meritxell Colell) premiered at the Berlinale 2018 and winner of the Silver Biznaga Zonacine.


MARIO PONS Screenwriter, director and audiovisual producer in Sègula Films, graduated in Film by the ESCAC. He has made titles such as “La Batalla de la Memòria” (2009) Public Prize at Memorimage, “La Filla del farer” (2015) or “El Periple, la vella llum d’Europa” (2018), Best documentary at the Girona International Film Festival. Sociocultural activist in the Ebre since 2000, he is a lyricist and singer of Los Sirgadors.



J U R Y    C I N E M A  – R E S C A T


JAN BACA Architect and amateur filmmaker. He has often participated in UNICA competition (Union Internationnale du Cinema Non Professionel). Member of the Council of Secció de Cinema i Vídeo del Centre Excursionista de Catalunya association.



RAÜL CONTEL Author of numerous shortfilms. He has written and directed theatral shows and has given seminars about cinematographic language. Member of the Council of Cinema-Rescat association.




ENCARNACIÓ SOLER Doctor in Art History. President of Cinema-Rescat association. She’s an expert in recovery and research on Catalan film heritage. Usually participates as a jury member on different cinema events.



How deep can you go on a single breath? We immerse ourselves in the extraordinary story of diver Jacques Mayol, the first to reach 100 metres below the sea without artificial breathing, and who revolutionized freediving by introducing yoga and Zen techniques.

Andrea Motis is a silent trumpeter, an association of ideas difficult to combine. Her way of moving through a world where fame is more precious than the professional success. This is the intimate and full of emotions of a unic and unrepeatable moment story, that moment full of vertigo that intoxicates us just before making a big leap into the unkown. A film about life changes, doubts, fears, contradictions and jazz, lots of jazz.

Out is the portrait of a time of courage: different young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world recorded the moment in which they explain to their families their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Tobias was one year old when his parents had to deal with the news: his son was born deaf. Their first reaction was to lower expectations in relation to his future, as if he were destined to live isolated from society.[...]

If turning 75 is exciting for a person, for an institution like firaReus it is a tremendous pride. Fira de Reus is a clear example of the entrepreneurial and commercial character of the village and their fellow citizens. The documentary, based on footage, describes seven decades of this project with testimonies and portraits of the market during its editions.

Made following the discovery of amateur footage shot in China in 1966 during the first and most radical stage of the Cultural Revolution, In the Intense Now speaks to the fleeting nature of moments of great intensity. [...]

In the middle of the Civil War, and with the front still far away, the inhabitants of four tiny towns of Castellón see three planes appear on the horizon. Some children start to say hello, adults look at them with innocence and curiosity. But the planes maneuver, they crumble and bomb houses, churches and city councils. They kill 38 neighbors. They never knew who was responsible. Until now.

Miró is very well known as the luminous artist, the one that is in constant search of the inner child, the surrealist who took part of the abstract movement with its explosion of color. However, the truth is that there is a Miró of tortured figures.

In 1818 Mary Shelly published one of the masterpieces of the Universal Literature: Frankenstein. On its first century we get into Mel Brooks’s comedy “Young Frankenstein”, a classic hit of the 70’s.

El 25 de novembre de 2016 mor a l’Havana el líder històric de la Revolució Cubana, Fidel Castro Ruz, als 90 anys. La data marca l’inici de 9 dies de dol oficial durant els quals l’agitada vida cubana queda privada de música i alcohol.

Fernando Gallego is a DJ, but not a common DJ: He is Nando Dixkontrol. To most people he is an anonymous character, but, there was a time where he was the epicenter of a resounding earthquake, a nocturn idol.

The valuable diamond known as “Pink Panter” has been stolen and only one clue has been found in the crime scene: a white glove of the known thief “The Gost”. The inspector of the case, Inspector Coloseau, points to him as the main suspicious, despite he is already retired.

Out is the portrait of a time of courage: different young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world recorded the moment in which they explain to their families their sexual orientation and gender identity.