2018 edition, MemoriJove

Section for the young audience. Documentary films are screened to discover particular stories with opportunity to talk with team members. More than 5.000 boys and girls have attended these sessions in the last editions.

How deep can you go on a single breath? We immerse ourselves in the extraordinary story of diver Jacques Mayol, the first to reach 100 metres below the sea without artificial breathing, and who revolutionized freediving by introducing yoga and Zen techniques.

Out is the portrait of a time of courage: different young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world recorded the moment in which they explain to their families their sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the middle of the Civil War, and with the front still far away, the inhabitants of four tiny towns of Castellón see three planes appear on the horizon. Some children start to say hello, adults look at them with innocence and curiosity. But the planes maneuver, they crumble and bomb houses, churches and city councils. They kill 38 neighbors. They never knew who was responsible. Until now.

Miró is very well known as the luminous artist, the one that is in constant search of the inner child, the surrealist who took part of the abstract movement with its explosion of color. However, the truth is that there is a Miró of tortured figures.