2017 edition, Festival, Special Sessions

The most outstanding films, out of competition.

A shocking aesthetic and experimental film that takes the audience into the strange, persuasive and disturbing reality of nuclear weapons. Crossing the boundaries of art, politics and technology.

Joan Manuel Serrat goes in depth into the memories of his childhood and youth in the Poble Sec neighborhood. Through his most personal anecdotes, we move to the middle of the last century, with its habits and rules, while Serrat transmits us the familiar, chaotic and lifeful character of an unforgettable era, and all of this with the help of the journalist Lluís Permanyer.

Former enemy combatants – Israeli soldiers from elite units and Palestinian fighters, many of whom served years in prison – who have joined together to challenge the status quo and say “enough.” The film reveals their transformational journeys from soldiers committed to armed battle to nonviolent peace activists, leading to the creation of combatants for peace.

A film crew is shooting a movie on a mysterious island of Sumatra. There, they discover the existence of a prehistoric civilization and an ancestral tribe that kidnaps Ann, the main actress, to offer her in ritual sacrifice to Kong, a gigantic gorilla.