2017 edition, Workshops
Narration workshop through the union between the mobile phone and the documentary


MobileDoc’s purpose is showing how to use the cell phone as a reality gathering tool. The workshop intends to give resources to its participants in order to narrate real stories by using a technology within everyone’s reach.

The sessions consist of a brief theory introduction, practical exercises and the ensemble analysis of the exercise. A creative and participatory experience, based on audiovisual narration. Critical analysis of the exercise will allow drawing conclusions so as to improve its quality.


Josep Maati graduated in Journalism and has worked at BTV as videojournalist, news editor, interview scriptwriter and programs’ specials director. He is the editor and coordinator of BTV.cat and has also worked at Xarxa de Televisions Locals as well as Viladecans TV. Regarding teaching, he was the Head Director of Television’s Reports Postgraduate Studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and also teaches other courses and workshops for television jourlanists.


When: Saturady 4th November and Saturday 11th of November from 9.00 to 14.00h. This workshop will be given in two sessions.
Where: CIMIR Centre de la Imatge Mas Iglesias (C/ Jaume Vidal i Alcover 6, Reus)
Price: 50€ (VAT included)
Requirements: a smartphone (preferably an iPhone 5 or superior) and headphones with mic. Battery charger. Minimum 1GB of free space.


If you want to join this workshop, please, send an e-mail to info@memorimage.reus.cat with the following information: name and surname, phone number, age and profession, where did you hear about this workshop and the reason you want to attend it.