2016 edition, Festival

Memorimage arrives to all the country offering a film selection of the festival through Filmin – www.filmin.es -, the state reference on independent cinema. From November 9th to 27 three films of this year and four of previous editions are exclusively available in streaming.

These are the films of this edition on Filmin:

  • Els nens de la jungla. Santi Suárez Baldrís – 2016, Catalonia
  • Game Over. Alba Sotorra – 2015, Catalonia
  • Les 7 vides d’Eduard Toda. Ramón Masip, Toni Orensanz and Manel Vinuesa – 2016, Catalonia

And the following titles of other Memorimage editions:

  • How to change the world. Jerry Rothwell – 2015, United Kingdom
  • El gran vuelo. Carolina Astudillo – 2014, Spain
  • Joana Biarnés, una entre todos. Òscar Moreno and Jordi Rovira – 2015, Catalonia
  • Sobre la marxa. Jordi Morató – 2013, Catalonia