Daniel Villanueva: Scredaniel-villanueva_10x10enwriter, director and producer. He has been an associated producer of El Barco Pirata short movie, directed by Fernando Trullols, winner of Goya 2012 Award. He also produced Timecode, winner of best short movie category at Cannes 2016. Currently he is developing his first animation filmCarnivaland, introduced at ANIMA’T Barcelona-Sitges, where it has won the audience award for the best pitch.

Anna-Priscila Magriñà: Writer spanna-priscila-10x10ecialized in historical knowledge. She is the autor of Guia xafardera de Catalunya (2012) and Triviacat Barcelona. She has also published the collaborative book 1001 curiosidades de Barcelona (2010). She works for Sàpiens Magazine and RAC1. She has participated on the script of La niña del Gancho, a documentary film on historical memory directed by Raquel Barrera.

jordi-manent10x10Jordi Manent: Graduated in Catalan Philology for Universitat de Barcelona. He has worked in the Language Political Service of Andorra’s Gobernment and he has been director of the Center of Language Standardization of Barcelona. He was a member of Òmnium Cultural. He has published books about language and history. Nowadays he is the subdirector of Revista de Catalunya and coordinator of Reus Capital de la Cultura Catalana 2017.


jurat-cinema-rescat_jan-bacaJan Baca: Architect and amateur filmmaker. He has participated often to UNICA competition (Union Internationnale du Cinema Non Professionel). Member of Junta de la Secció de Cinema i Vídeo del Centre Excursionista de Catalunya association.


jurat-rescat-raulRaül Contel:
Autor of numerous shortfilms. He has written and directed theatral shows and he has given seminars about cinematographic lenguage. Member of Junta de Cinema-Rescat association.


encarnacio-soler-10x10Encarnació Soler: Doctor in Art History. Is the president of Cinema-Rescat association. She’s an expert in recovery and research on catalan film heritage. Usually participates as a jury member of different cinema events.