2019 editon, Festival

J U R Y  M E M O R I M A G E   2 0 1 9

MARIA ROIG (Tarragona, 1982) Teacher, script and director. Licended in “Scienze e Conservazione dei Beni Culturali Storico-Artistici” with honors at University of Marcerata (Italy), with the thesis “”From the drawer to the screen. Memories, practices and preservation of family cinema”. Her thesis and the practices in the archive of Home Movies, Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia of Bologna is linked in the documentary cinema where she has directed documentaries and written scripts. Actually, she works int the documentary world, teaching literary creation and wirtting theater.



PILAR SANS Degree in Classical Dance by the Conservatory of Madrid, Teacher Certificated Rad of London. Licenced in Psychology, specializing in Educational Psychomotor ans Physical Education Teacher. Currently, director and theacher of Classical Dance and Claque of School of Dance and Performing Arts “Artis”, founded in 1947 in Reus and authorized by the Departament of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. President of Dance Coordinator in Reus and the Deixlac Claqué Association.



SÍLVIA SAGALÀ ROCA (Reus, 1987) Journalist. Actually she is the director of the Casa Navàs de Reus, where she manages the cultural emblem of the city. She had experience in the audiovisual sector after having worked for six years at Canal Reus Television. In this medium she directed and presented the magazine “Today for tomorrow”, and was responsible for the culture of the channel and collaborated on multiple ocasions with La Xarxa. During these years she presented several events. She also served like a editor in the field of culture and leisure of Surtcasa.cat Camp de Tarragona. She started his professional work at Punt 6 Radio de Reus and collaborated with Reusdigital.cat.



J U R Y   C I N E M A  – R E S C A T


JAN BACA Architect and amateur filmmaker. He has often participated in UNICA competition (Union Internationnale du Cinema Non Professionel). Member of the Council of Secció de Cinema i Vídeo del Centre Excursionista de Catalunya association.



MARÇAL MORA.Professor and director of video. Belong to the management board of cineclub of Fotofilm Calella, El Garbi de Malgrat de Mar and El Centru d’Arenys de Munt. He worked as movie editor in feature films. He organizes 3D operator workshops.



ENCARNACIÓ SOLER. Doctor in History of Art. President of CINEMA-RESCAT. Expert in the recovery and investigation of Catalan cinematographic heritage. Member of the jury of several film competitions.


What happened on October 1st? An unprecedented look at the self-determination process from the director’s subjective point of view brings us to the forefront of the fight. Grass-roots activists, street protesters, Catalan leaders and spontaneous mobilizations are the testimonies of a cinematographic portrait depicting civil disobedience in Catalonia, where repression is fought with a smile.

From knee to heart is a documentary about the dancer Sol Picó. From the dancer under the spotlight to her reality behind the scenes, the documentary approaches Sol Pico’s daily life at a crucial moment in her career after winning the National Dance Award.

The human brain is the most complicated organ in the known universe. What if there were a deep place inside it that could take you from pain to pleasure?

What is hidden behind the petrochemical industry? A portrait of the concern of the habitants of Camp de Tarragona for the health and environment of the area.

LABO is a tour through the memory of Labor University Francisco Franco de Tarragona, who not only speaks to us through his buildings but also of the memory of those who lived in them during the first years.

Sicilian Letizia Battaglia began a lifelong battle with the Mafia when she first dared to point her camera at a brutally slain victim. Exposing the Cosa Nostra's barbaric reign, she bore unflinching witness to their crimes and has led a life continually defined by defiance and passion.

Walaa, a teenage girl raised in a refugee camp, decides to become one of the few female police officers of the Palestinian security forces.

Gaudí, God’s architect, is a story of faith, of overcoming, about five lay that decided to create an assossiation to demonstrate that Gaudí deserves one of most valuable titles of the Church: beatification.

A suitcase opened in 2016 uncovers the figure, life and work of Madame Colette.

Elena Universo tells a story about Elena Rull Mur, it could be a story of so many women of his time, caught between their desires, ambitions and dreams, and between what society expected of them.

Gaudí, God’s architect, is a story of faith, of overcoming, about five lay that decided to create an assossiation to demonstrate that Gaudí deserves one of most valuable titles of the Church: beatification.

Some days before his death, Peret, one of the greatest gypsy musicians in Spain, shares with his granddaughter Santa the origin of Catalan Rumba. 50 years after the hit Borriquito, the grandsons feature an intimate portrait of this great music icon, and the only musical genre created on the streets of Europe in the 20th century.

Jacques Tatí turns to incarnate Monsieur Hulot is a kind and extravagant man who lives in a humble neighborhood. She often visits her sister's house: an ultramodern mansion where everything is automated. The brother-in-law of Mr. Hulot does not approve of the close relationship between him and his son Gerald.

In 1964 the Francoism celebrates the "25 years of peace" with a tight control of information through the No-Do. That's when a young man decides to take a 16mm camera and go out to shoot places and people that the regime would never want to show.