2019 editon, Festival, Oficial Section

The human brain is the most complicated organ in the known universe. What if there were a deep place inside it that could take you from pain to pleasure?

Sicilian Letizia Battaglia began a lifelong battle with the Mafia when she first dared to point her camera at a brutally slain victim. Exposing the Cosa Nostra's barbaric reign, she bore unflinching witness to their crimes and has led a life continually defined by defiance and passion.

A suitcase opened in 2016 uncovers the figure, life and work of Madame Colette.

Some days before his death, Peret, one of the greatest gypsy musicians in Spain, shares with his granddaughter Santa the origin of Catalan Rumba. 50 years after the hit Borriquito, the grandsons feature an intimate portrait of this great music icon, and the only musical genre created on the streets of Europe in the 20th century.